Saturday, August 6, 2016

What Would Caverns of Thracia Look Like with Maze of the Blue Medusa's Visual Design?

Probably something like this:

Click the image for a pdf.


  1. This is incredibly helpful. I tried doing something similar for the Caverns months ago, but this is better. If ever wanted to do more on this project, you'd have a grateful audience!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      There is much more to this project but as long as Caverns is still being sold this is as much as I feel is fair to put on the internet. Maybe if I ever buy Dwimmermount...

    2. I want this for the whole thing so bad.

  2. I've been running Caverns for months having made extensive pre-notes and all that, but this *still* made me look at the thing in a new light. Thank god for Anton Khodakovsky, Zak, Patrick, Ken, etc., and thank god for you for makin' this!

  3. This is great. I am running an open table campaign in the Caverns, and did extensive pre-notes because CoT has a terrible text organization. Useless to say it took me a lot of time and I haven't finished yet.

    I would have appreciated a little more info on the room descriptions, but the layout is great.
    And of course, this is an example. But it would be cool to have all the dungeon with this layout!

  4. Impressive and really usefull ! I launch my first run in CoT this saturday. Your work should be very usefull. Thanks a lot